Monday, August 15, 2011

There Is 'FUN' In Basketball

What's up Peeps? Ever wonder why we ballers love to ball day in night out? There's a lot of differences during the real game and evening ball you know. A simple and short answer to your curiosity,here's why. Check this out. It's just some silly botch and bloopers during an evening ball session.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

NCBL : 1st Division's Mid-Season Pundits and Predictions

What's up Peeps? It's been months since my last post in May,& i'm truly sorry for the none-posting activities lately due to my busy-ness life and yada-yada. So,let's cut to the chase alright?

First of all,i'm definitely not gonna touch on the 2nd Divisionas like RPK stated,there's too many of them and if they want to be noticed,they themselves should be helping RPK out for the record,we don't get exact salary to do this stuff,we did it cause we love it. Secondly,this is regarding the post that RPK had put on his website few weeks back I think,regarding on who's in and who's out.And the answers were shown but not yet fully voted I guess.

And the results were as follows.

Some say that due to the victory that Snipers' had last season which they won eventually the 2nd Division Title was a fluke as they ran through three veteran teams,Phantoms (B) and Swoosh 2 from the quarter final until the finals itself. So to say,this year was the real deal for them.

72 votes, and mostly voted out for the Shoot-To-Win boys as the candidates to be relegated next season. Mostly knew that Flames will be one of them, but nonetheless, there are still Pegasus and Cocoro as well,but still,mostly favoured Snipers as the second team to go. Well,i'll try and be as professional as I could alright?

See,i've got little help from 3 friends who were watching the league as well,and I tried to make them as my personal pundit predictors,and this is what they had in mind names are case sensitive:

Isaac (not the real name) says - Snipers fought back and forth to win the 2nd Division Title last season and that proves that they have what it takes to be with the big boys. Earning a title means you are up for the task already. So far, they had 2 wins,an equal number to Cocoro and Pegasus but differentiated by point differences. They still have the chance to remain as Division 1 contenders. As for Cocoro, they've got complete players from guards, to their forwards and centers. The only thing they don't have is the correct essential to win games. They could remain in the league next season if they can continue winning their remaining games. Pegasus,well,I like the team honestly,but they really need attitude adjustments. I've been watching their games and sometimes,there were only 6-7 players only. Sad to say,I think that they are going down.

Syakirah (not the real name) says - Cocoro has been a solid team. They've got big and tough guys to secure their ball possession. I like the player they called Aza as i've seen him as a huge key role for their plays in the paint. Cocoro would remain. Snipers,well,hard to say.They did somehow had the nearly win against the gigantic Cons and mighty Swoosh 1. But the game against Swoosh 2 where they got beaten up pretty badly doubts my instinct of them to stay for another season. But with 3 games remaining against J3, Phantoms (A) and Cocoro,I still think they have the chance to prove themselves worthy.Snipers remain for another season. As for Pegasus,there were alot of issues saying that they have good and great players like Beley,Jijun and Arip Katik. But a team sport needs all players to contribute to win. The game against Phantoms (A) which they won by three points if not mistaken really scares me and showed to me that they have loss their credential as one of the Big Four.Pegasus will play in Second Division next season.

D-Ma (not the real name) says - Pegasus is surely having trouble with their line-ups lately. With only half of the team showed up for most of the game,it's really hard to tell whether they have the rightful place to stay in the 1st Division next season. They can play,and they can win for sure. But this is a team sport,this is not boxing or UFC fights where you can go on your own to win. When I heard they were disqualified last season where their players didn't show up for the match against J3,it sparks me that they've loss most of the respect that I had. Pegasus is out. Snipers won 2 games,only 2. That does not prove anything to me that they have what it takes to stay. A win against a 7-player-team Pegasus is nothing. A slight win against Flames is pure luck. But surely I have no doubt that they can put on a fight against J3 as the two teams are equal in sizes,shots and plays. Against Phantoms and Cocoro too as they've beat them during the preseason games. But like I said,preseason and regular season are two different things. Whatever it is,Snipers have a slight chance to stay. Classic Cocoro,old players,old tactics,same aggressive plays. Short and simple statement to ensure that they can remain in the league's 1st Division.

Well,that was from my three personal pundits and friends. As for me,professionally,I can't say much as i've too watched others. This season's 1st Division games are more exciting then last season as of now,there are 6 teams to compete for the semifinal's spots instead of the regular 4. Flames is surely relegated with 6 losses in their hand. And 3 teams are competing to stay alive with surely Snipers and Pegasus are the ones in grave danger whereas Cocoro still has the space to breathe.

I mean to say that Snipers' last three games are a must win games. One loss means that they have to hope for Pegasus and Cocoro to lose as well and the game is still on. Same thing goes for Cocoro and Pegasus,either win or lose by either team means a huge chance for Snipers to remain and put themselves in jeopardy. But if Pegasus loosing 2 games in a row, then the game is surely over provided by point differences at the end of the regular season.

As for Cocoro and Snipers,their game is at the very end of the regular season's schedule. Which in my eyes,are the decisive game on who would go,and who would stay. Final thoughts,all of it will be an exciting games.

Monday, May 23, 2011

NCBL 2011 2nd Division (Group C Previews)

Your still tuning in into Flava's site of entertainment.Now most of you know that probably,Group C is the group of death right?Well,let us see now.


Woah~,if the Sniperians could beat them by 4 points,it shows that this team is a team to beat for sure.Big threat,indeed.They can put up a good fight.Player movements?Not much though.Maybe one or two of them most probably.They made it to the 2nd round last season.Let's see whether they still have the coals to steam up further for the quarter finals.


Surprise?Truly.Like Flava' said before,I'm not being nice to the Hurricanes since KLNC last season and nor shall I be.But hey,I do pity that their efforts were not brought up properly.I mean,they won third place last season,beating Phantoms (B),and nearly beat Swoosh 2 in the semi finals.I'm sure they are pretty hungry for the title this season.


Division 2 welcomes back the Terminators.Army was relegated last season from the first division.After a long battle to climb up from 2nd division in 2009,now here they are again.Surely their roster is the same,big hunk guys but no ball handlers,let's see whether they can make history to be the first team from 2nd Division-played for Division 1-relegated back to Division 2-and back to 1st Division this season eyh?


Cagers was a threat indeed last season.Nearly made it to the 2nd round last season due to a 7 on 5 match up with Snipers on the court but failed to do so.Cagers is mainly a team filled with school boys with talents.But lack in aggressiveness and IQ basketballs.Can they advance this time?I'm not sure.


The name says it.We've got Swoosh 2,Phantoms (B),J3 (B),now we've got C.O.N.S,or used to name them Cons (B).What's next?Baby Pegasus?UBSA 2nd Version?ScoreApes changes the name from Monkeys to Apes that is?Anyways,if it's CONS,then it means trouble for other teams indeed.


Dua Belas United.If you translate it into the english version,it'll turn out to be U12 no,not U2 the band under the name United 12.PG and RPK has a point,first UBSA (United Ballerz Shah Alam),then S7U (Section 7 United),now we've got DBU.I've seen them play,and surely,they can play.But honestly,they don't have the 2nd round looks.But there's no doubt,to Flava's eyes,there are pretty much young talents in the team that can be polish,drill and wax on to be a good player someday.Let's just hope that day will come soon.


Same old same old,all I know is that the bigger Putra,who played for Flames last season played for Archers during their friendly matches too.They have improved their game plays,stamina and speed for sure.Last season,they were nothing but dry leaves.Judging by how they played and trainings during the preseason,they could be the 2nd round contenders for this group.


Well,they were beaten badly in the first division back in 2009,beaten badly during the grouping phase last season,and heck,beaten up worse maybe this season?So much for their crowns and horses.


Guess who's leading the Blazers?It's Harman the Smurf!! a.k.a Derrick Rose look-a-like Harman is still with the Sniperians' family.La Familia as some may say,but it's about time that he leads a team capable of playing.Snipers did have a friendly match with them and yes,they're good.They can shoot,fast pace dribble and got some big guys too.Well,not entirely big,but big.Above all new teams,I would rank them second behind Cons (B) at this early stage.


The Cinderella of NCBL is still with the league.Some of you may not know,the are a team with bad records last two seasons.Let's see,1 win,and 8 losses during the 2009 season,2 wins only during KLNC and got badly beaten up by Phoenix during the grouping phase in KLNC by nearly 50 points?But heck,they made it all the way to the 2nd round last season and loss to Swoosh 2 in a hard fought battle for sure.Another surprise this season?Could be.


A new team indeed.Never heard of V-Ballerz at all.Plus,during the manager's meeting the other day,we even thought that they were named BBallerz instead.Sounds like my swagger and ghetto gimmicks doesn't it?

As for Flava's pick,group C will be a tough match to follow too.But I'd say,Quakes,Hurricanes,Army and a reserve fourth spot for the deserving team will advance to the 2nd round.So that's it,the schedule matches are on and revealed,so will just have to wait til' this Sunday and watch the games to see whether or not that the predictions are true.Til' then,Word Up folks!

NCBL 2011 2nd Division (Group B Previews)

Still with me?Alrighty then.We've seen what Group A has to offer us,now what does Group B has instead?


Mustang is indeed a new team.Formerly heard own by Juan was from Ninerz and one of the well known players in Section 9 school and lead by Yien formerly a Sniperian the Samurai.That was the early news,current news,Yien says that he ain't playing due to his bad ankle and bad knee.So maybe that just leave Juan alone to lead the whole team by himself.Another wash up team I guess?Who knows,maybe they can put up some fight. p.s. - both of them were formerly leading DBU,under circumstances,they ain't now.


Sounds like a team made up by a fan that goes rrrrr~ all the way.Or more like blown away.Anyways,I never heard of them.Maybe once or twice but never knew them.Another beat up team?Could be.But let's just savour the excitement shall we.


Ho-Ho~! The Shocks,big contenders during last season's league.But failed to impress me as the 2nd round continues.They're big,and got some ball handling skills,but when you dribble too much,all you get is a rotten and tiring hands.Plus,it's nothing fancy when your team is trailing points.Anyways,I heard that the whole team including the management of the Shocks are regrouping.The line-up changes much as was told.So let's see if they still can be in the 2nd round this season.

J3 (B)

Brotherly hood by J3 (A) in the first division.As seen from last season,J3 (B) was all kids from school-like players.But don't underestimate them,they can put up quite a show.Only lack of experience is in their way.Still,a threat to this group though.


KLNC,UiTM/MB Cup,and now NCBL.Personally,I'm not a fan of Venom as they played badly.I mean,even Bullets to those who knew,Bullets was Adam Lipas' team from Gombak last season can play better for real.From what I see,they played depending on luck.And luck only.But,as I said,still early too predict.Let's just see what they have for us.


A team full of Jokes I presume?Seriously,never heard of them at all.Flava' just hope that they are not,a bunch of jokes.


Same team same brat-attitude? but different line-up maybe?These boys can sure play.Might be a medium rare threat to some team in this group.


First of all,yes people,Slashers beat the 2nd Division Champions,the Sniperians last season during the grouping phase.Secondly,They tried to make an impression in the league.And they did.With Afro Boy banging around for them.Their inside job is much easier to be reckon with.Plus,heard that Mizi from BW is playing for them.Let's just see whether it's the grey or the red that Mizi Tahir will be suiting up for.


Two words,no,not the infamous DX's "Suck It",it's Twin Shooters.Their main shooter T-he is still around playing for them even he looked like a lil' homeless and Raimi,their main guard is still leading the team.With these two,I'm sure that they can still go for 2nd round.In fact,probably the quarter finals.


Bandar Tun Razak.That's what it stands for.Not much of a 2nd round type team,but at least they can fill up the missing link of entertainment for NCBL.

Group B,it's not much of a death trap.It can be seen clearly which team can and will advance.But still early.So,Flava's prediction?Shocks,Malaya Titans,Arions and Slashers will make it throught.Next stop,Group C!!!

NCBL 2011 2nd Division (Group A Previews)

Word Up peeps? I've been away for far too long just to get my head straight due to exams and other busy-ness.Anyways,less than a week,the 2011 NCBL will finally begin!!! Hype right?Who doesn't.Well,RPK had done his previews on HIS own road,while I,Flava',has my own.Let's begin with Group A from 2nd Division.


UBSA,a strong contender for the Division 2 Title last season didn't make the cut.After all the dramas that I heard from various of resources,which I do not know who to believe,after all,it is where drama happens,I don't think that UBSA has the strength left in them.I mean,they're aging and working.Most of them actually.No doubt,they are one of the experienced team in Group A.But last season,they could not beat the much older Swoosh 2.So that rings my bell,are they up for it?I hope so.After all,Flava' is from S.A. city itself.Still too early to tell.


Haven't heard from anyone regarding Shakers.Sounds like another team to get beaten up for sure.I don't know,proof me wrong then.


Hail Griffindors,they will never give up do they.Am not really sure whether or not their lead-head Putra is still on the team,cause some say that he went for Swoosh,or Swoosh 2,or whichever,but heck yeah they can play.Advancing further?I guess not.


The much veteran version of the first Phantoms' team.I thought,high-jumper Imran would be playing for the 2nd team.But since the rule was tight,and done again,it was loosen up a lil' bit,now I ain't sure for real what will be the exact line-up for this team.But surprise me not,they did push themselves to the semi finals.So let's see where they will end up this season.


Not much of a change made for this young guns.Except the fact that they do not know how to use their Run n' Gun player Teddy last season,which made him went for Snipers instead.But let's see what these roughneck boys are able to do this season.


Flava's heard of Soulspeed before.Seen them during the KLNC tournament.Last season I think.Well,last season's roster was all Kentucky's and McNuggets if you know what I mean.Not sure about their line-up this season,but hope it won't be Burger Kings afterwards.


Never heard of them,never know them,never understand what does Kakeru means.Hope it isn't a bad word.And I REALLY hope that they can play.Or else,they'll just be another wipeout team for sure.


Flip them inwards,outwards,upside down or otherwise,this team surprises me last season.They nearly made it to the 2nd round.Well,nearly.Let's just see what they can do this season.


Ya'll sound like "rubbers" you know.Never heard about this team before.Knock me out wrong if this team is good.


I think I may have heard of Rangers team somewhere,but it just won't come out right now.But intel tells me that some of the players are good.Got ball handlers and some good shooters too.Heck if I know it.Might be wrong.Who knows.


Aah~,the relegated Scorpion / Scoring Monkeys from the first division last season.We've seen what they were able to do last season during the first division and got badly man handled.I wonder if they can win the 2nd Division Title.Let's just hope that if they do,they might need something a lil' bigger than just good players.They need good leadership too.Or else,this team is just another case of Prinze.

So,according to the listed teams in group A,Flava's got an easy way of picking up which will advance further to the 2nd round.I picked UBSA,Phantoms (B),Titans and Scorekeys as this team,to me,is the easy ticket in to the 2nd round.Lucky them huh?Stay tune for the previews of Group B ayte.Will continue later on.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

NCBL News Updated

What's steaming mates? Flava's back and on track. I took up some advice from your truly RPK from and decided to drop some ghetto gimmick and get back to the truth and here's how things are going to be done from now on. Lesser ghettos, more sarcasm, less personal hatred and more news!!! Let's get it down with the first news shall we?


As most of you know it, the rules of players from the first division moving here and there have been implemented, so tough luck for few who wishes to do so. For some new players, they may care less about this rule but check your roster pal, you might want to re-list again your players if you guys have a few or more first division-ners in your team.

But there were other suggestions mentioned during the NCBL Managers' Meeting the other day. Some wanted to put this up, "a maximum of 2 players from first division to play for a 2nd division team". I was like, not a bad idea. I mean, to be fair, yeah, some of the old timers are going through a hard time in terms of age and commitments. So why not give them a chance? I mean, we've seen a few players who decided to retire like Mr. Syed "Downtown" Aljunid, or former stars and still biting fresh meats like Old Man Farid who has problem keeping up with stamina hey, don't blame me, he confessed himself issues. So, on my terms, it's a fair thing. Personally.


I was a bit surprised at first when I heard that Flames wasn't relegated whereas from what I heard at first, the Flaming Steamboat Boys themselves were preparing for a division two competition. But things changed as what I know from chairman himself stating that only Scorekeys and ATM were relegated. So goes for the promoted team of Swoosh 2 and Snipers.

Some were wondering, didn't Hurricanes got promoted? This is the thing, as much as I don't quite like the Hurricanes I too do feel sorry for them. From my judgement, Hurricanes was a worthy of a first division competitor. I mean, they beat the hell out day in night out just to get a taste of first division competition. But since the rules were implemented and sealed, then I guess they have to start again from scratch.


As I said from the previous posts, my intel isn't as strong as RPK's and PG's, but I tried my best to eavesdrop through a few chit-chats from other teams, managers and the players itself. So this is what I got.

Since the transfer rules has been implemented, it looks like Kelantan Titans not the Malaya Titans loss their bid on grabbing their hands on Panje formerly Pegasus and Swoosh due to their team is in the second division. Instead, he went to Phoenix along with close comrade Pesa Abang Gedang who played for Lycans ones if my intels were correct. A huge boost for Phoenix, a great loss for the Titans.

As for Phantoms, the champion Phantoms I mean, not much of a changes have been done. Though during the preseason match, I did see Pegasus' Lolo played for them instead of Sasi the Don. It came to my mind a little. Didn't I heard once that Sasi wanted to play for Pegasus? And why Lolo is playing for Phantoms? Just to fill up the lineup? But why was he wearing the red and blue jersey? Interesting as it may seem like a trade-swoop between the two arch rival teams. With already additional member Jepun a.k.a Nippon who once played for Zero in the lineup, Phantoms backline grew bigger and badder. I'm not sure whether or not Iceman Sunel will be playing for them as I heard that he's flying with wings of airplanes already. But he did emerge during the last preseason game the other day.

Swoosh versus Swoosh 2? Yup, it'll happen this season. Swoosh decided to finally send the second team after rebuilding their lineup properly. The other day, some said that they didn't have enough men power to do so. But I guess due to the disband of, Swoosh 2 looked younger I guess. Players, naaah, not sure. Only RPK has the details.

Did I mentioned about being disbanded? Yup. Where did the players go? I'm not sure myself. All I know is that Izzat Tsunami is going back to Pegasus as so I heard. The second guess, MRN would play again for Swoosh but i'm not sure which one or will he even be playing. The rest, M.I.A.

Pegasus is full of mixed up. Some say this, some say that until my head was like "which was it?" So I heard and mentioned, Izzat's back. Pegasus' game will be interesting as Izzat The Highlight Reel combining with Arip Super-Rem on the guard position. Players better get their ankles trained hard.

J-3 is not big in size but has the speed it's like an old version of mini cooper with a Ferrari engine which they have proven themselves worthy as a title contender. Unfortunately, they say that Doctor Siamang won't be around with them this season. Could it affect the J-3 plays and will they survive this season? Who knows.

Hey, plenty of new teams to compete in the second division this season. Shakers, Kakero, Rangers, Mustangs, Jokers, Cons (B) or spelled C.O.N.S during the meeting, DBU, Blazers and V Ballers are here to make the league more interesting than before. With their addition, this season has 42 teams alone in the league. Kudos to NCBL!!! More on them soon on other posts.

Nirwana Shocks confirmed their participation in this season's league. Thank God for that. one of the future prospect for this league and the other day rumors stating that they are not joining due to players' problematic attitude. Not sure about that, but manager himself said that much younger players and only a few first season players are mixed up to reach their target this season.

Well folks, that's just it. News will be coming along as the season runs through. And we, the NC bloggers, myself, along with crew Mr. RPK and PG, will try and give our best shot for this season to keep you guys updated and fill with more entertainment. And just to let some of you know, my posts here looks similar to what RPK and PG had posted, but it's just from different point of view. And also, this site is for those who didn't search up for RPK's web. For those who wanted to, RPK's website is Til' then, Word Up!!!

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NCBL 2011 Team Rumors.

How ya'll been Flava' Freaks? Yea I noe, its been a year since my last post. Crazy ain't it? But hey, waddaya' noe, NCBL 2011 is gonna start this May, so I thought I might put in some spices in it. A lil' of trade - team rumors thing. Juz to be clear, my intel ain't as high as RPK's & AfiqPG's, so things are based on wat I heard ONLY.


Yerp, remember da gud old days tat back to 3-4 years ago where Cocoro was among da dominant top 4 position of da first division? Well, I can say that they might be back again this year. See, da thing is, carriers like Ajim caru and Botak wit hair is back to the team. As they say, tat they were one of the old guys in Cocoro, heck if I remember myself. Big guys like Aza, speedy legs like Buk & fellow contributors like Faiz might carry da team back to da top this year. Just might.

Point on eyes where NCBL's Preseason match, where they beat Phantoms who only came with 8 men 60 - 32 last I saw. But it's still early in da season, so who noes rite?


Division 1 Champions of 2010. Rumors? Indeed. Big time situational as wat I heard, Big Time Budin is coming back home. Plus, Mr. RPK himself is back onda team after proving them wrong tat he can play very well. Wit big stats from 2010 season where he played for Swoosh 2 of course. But hey, he didn't play badly during da preseason match with Cocoro.

Most lineups will be da same, they still hangs on to "twin"-old-timers who can "fly & shoot", Zun & Im. Guards like Mae Punca and Adam Roach is still wit them after ears saying tat Mae might be going back to Conns. Big losses? I dunno, I heard tat their 2 big guys, Sassi da Don and Edika Dragons, yea, u noe it are not wit them this season. Heard tat Sassi wishes to play wit Pegasus, whereas Edika has bigger commitment to go with. P.S ladies - Ustaz Amirul is playing again, cud it be?


Supermen is yet looking strong, but problems wit keeping their players intact for this season. Reason? Simple, heard tat they're not sending Swoosh 2 who was da runner up last season for this season's division 1. Sad ain't it? So far, Swoosh's Golden Gun, Yasier is still playing wit Phoenix. Well, he did play for da preseason match. Big impact? I guez so, they loss to Phantoms last season, proves them much.

Mr. RPK has gone back to Phantoms, Old Man Farid is silent for sure. Currently, heard tat he is listed as a free agent. Who noes. Da rest like Edmund, Aaron and Panje is untraceable. There is a lil' source saying tat Panje wants to quit Swoosh, another traveling time for him huh?


Not much of a rumor heard from this surprising team actually. 2009, they only won 1 match and loosing da rest. 2010, they made it to da 2nd round. Crazy ain't it? Dedicated and hard effort I guez. Anyways, da only thing I heard from this team is tat, their Prime Shooter Shahril is not going to be wit them this season. & probably forever as he has gone back to Sarawak. But their lineups mights change, who knew rite? Wit Manager Man Mizi Triple M is heard tat he quits and is going to rivals Slashers, who noes wat's going on between them.


Botak is out, joining back wit classic teammates from Cocoro, tat's true. Epyn? Well, sumwhere around December last year & this year's month of February, heard tat he was looking for a team. He even once requested to join "a" team can't reveal which one but talks were turned down as both sides went silent. Da rest of lineups, not much of a changes done. Plus plus, Panda Man is playing for Pegasus?


I love when it comes to team problems, haha. Heard tat tis team has problems internally. From players, and management of cuz. At da end of last year, I encounter wit one of them and they mentioned tat da Shocks might not join tis season's NCBL. Wat a waste of talent rite? Well, they were one of da favourites in da 2nd round of last season's NCBL. Hope tat they might be joining again tis season.


Ajim is out, but who's in? Well, heard tat UBSA's Panda is joining them for tis season. And will Sassi truly join Pegasus? Could be. As I heard tat da team is rebuilding again and heard tat Big Jon Stud was waived by team captain and agreed by da team owner themselves. Plus, no news from Katik himself, he cud be traveling to another team againtis season.


Most of da team around have heard this, "Snipers is rebuilding and upgrading". I ain't sure of it myself. Wat I heard is tat, they waived big guy D-Nie and few players were not able for tis season such as Nazim Spoiler and Kamal but bringing in additional players like Hafiz and Ikram from Flames, Ted from Titans and Anip from Quakes to be replaced. Lucky for them, old timer Zharip didn't go back to Cocoro huh? Whether da lineup is true or not, I haven't seen them, but heard only. P.S - Flava' told ya'll already, i'm a shadow, I dun play but I do watch NCBL.


Da other day, a rumor saying tat their big guy, Lanky Ayie is leaving Titans for another team. Tat was fully declined by da player himself. But another weird rumor is tat, some say Panje is playing for da Titans. Wat da heck?


Da only newcomer for tis season's NCBL? Hope not. I hope tat there will be more than juz them. Remember Mr. Samurai from Snipers? Yerp, he's being waived and now he's carrying a team on his own. A bunch of streetballerz from section 12 Shah Alam wit no basics and tactics. Only full of lucky shots and aggressiveness, & I mean really aggressive. I've seen them played once during da frenly match between them and da Sniperians, & da Sniperians goes home wit bruisers. Damn kids.


So far, nothing changes much for da Flaming Birds wit Yasier is still around. Jeans Boy Fendi is hanging wit them so as Mr. KL Ghazi. All I heard was tat Mahatma Gun-D will not be able for tis season's competition. Why? I dunno, some say he' gone home to Johor.


Pity, another team-victim of most probably not going to join tis season's tournament due to their players. Which, few have been busy working and few are married.

Well, so far, tat's da only news flying around Flava's ears. Not all team are close enough for me to be eaves dropping so bare wit it ayte. But when stories fly, i'll be damn sure to be spreading it out for ya'll. Til' then, Word Up, & stay awesome people!!